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The red tactical dog harness is an amazing product because it is designed specifically for tactical purposes. It is made of high-quality materials and has been specifically designed to provide your dog with safe and reliable support while they are in action. The harness is easy to put on and remove, and it can be adjusted to fit any size dog.

A collar with handle and cobra buckle release is a collar that is designed to help stop dog from becoming agitated. These collars use tension to help stop dog from biting or grabbing. They are also known as “agitation training” collars because they are used to help teach dogs how to calm down.

This product is a 40 mm 1.5 inch wide tactical dog harness that is heavy duty metal buckled. It is a good product because it has a variety of features that make it stand out from the competition. These features include the metal buckle and the wide strap that is adjustable. The metal buckle makes itstrong and durable, while the adjustable strap ensures that it fits perfectly on your dog’s body. The wide strap also makes it possible to tighten or loosen it as needed.

Red tactical dog harness no pull

What feature of this dog harness

  • Heavy duty metal buckles: This tactical dog vest has 2 metal buckles at the dog shoulder position (proven load test S/M: 700lbs, L/XL: 1100lbs), the dog shoulder position is the most weight bearing point when pulling the dog and can withstand huge pull to lock the accessory. Each joint and heavy duty point is sewn in an X-in-box pattern for durability to withstand years of hard use
  • Harness for Medium to Large Dogs: Our canine tactical harnesses are ideal for medium to large dogs such as Bulldogs, Huskies, Labrador Retrievers, Alaskans, German Shepherds, Doberman pinschers and more. This is a professional working dog vest for service dogs, police or military dogs as well as hunting dogs and all outdoor companion dogs. Please refer to our size chart to make sure it matches your dog’s size, don’t choose a size based on your dog’s weight or guesswork. Large (Neck: 18″-25″; Chest: 26″-39″)
  • Durable & Breathable Material: Made of 1000D nylon and breathable mesh, this no-pull dog harness features sturdy stitching for extra durability and abrasion resistance, high density to resist tearing, and is suitable for all field uses. Each pressure load point has good padding to protect the dog’s skin, while the breathable air mesh keeps the dog cool and comfortable
  • Reinforced D-Ring Double Sided Strong Stitching: The Military Dog Harness has reinforced D-ring belt clip stitching awls on both sides of the D-ring for added strength and durability. Not only will it help your dog not pull too much, but it will also keep it from getting ripped, allowing you to control the puller with little effort, and train your dog to walk around you; the leash clip is ideal for daily dog ​​walks or jogging. Reinforced top handle for extra control and convenient lifting assistance in general and hazardous situations



Which brand of the harness is the best

There are many famous brands of dog harnesses such as mia k9. When considering buying a harness for your tactical dog, it is important to be aware of the different types available and to choose one that is suited to the individual dog’s needs. There are four general types of tactical dog harnesses, each with its own specific uses: flat front, V-front, back-mount, and sliding front. Do you change your mind after you find our product?

Where to buy the red dog harness

We are currently open to users in the United States(US), Canada(CA), the United Kingdom(UK), and Australia. Users in all these regions can purchase our products. Some products offer a lifetime. We believe that you can’t buy this amazing and cheap dog harness in the local store. You can contact us for a wholesale price if you are in the market for it.








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