My Story

The Preserve Shop is a woman-of-color owned small business based in Seattle, WA. I sell products mostly from my online store, but occasionally have physical pop-ups in the Seattle and Bellingham areas. Follow along @thepreserveshop on Instagram and Facebook to get notified when/where my pop-ups will be!

I believe in reducing single-use plastic, purchasing ethically, making long-life items, and living a more sustainable and eco-harmonious existence. I also believe in making a more sustainable lifestyle accessible and easy to all. 

In turn, I'm focused on:

- Making nature-friendly, beautiful, and long-lasting handmade goods that are practical and used in our every day lives. 5% of all sales from our handmade goods goes to conservation organizations. 

- Providing low-impact living information to all customers and interested parties. There are so many great sources of information and tips for living a more harmonious and less-impactful existence, and it doesn't have to be accessible only to the wealthy. 

- Curating durable housewares and self care items that will replace single-use plastic items and last you a long time before having to replace them. I'm focusing on sourcing from ethical and sustainable companies who are doing their part to reduce commercial and company waste, providing fair wages to employees, using organic ingredients, and sourcing raw materials sustainably. 

- Getting back to our roots in nature, believing in magic, whimsy &play, and making things last. 


The Preserve is a triple-bottom line company. Good for the planet, good for the people, and a good profitable company. I try my best to tread a lighter and more conscious path so we can take better care of the Earth and all the beings who share it. 


Thank you for stopping by!

- Elise