Zero Waste Holiday Decorations

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Hello my friends!

Over the last couple of weeks I've been trying to make some zero waste holiday decorations that are easy and sustainable.  I love decorating for the holidays and I put together a sustainable Thanksgiving "tablescape" (honestly I cringe at that word but it's a good describer). I was happy how it turned out given the time I had, but next year I want to do something even more Sandra Lee-esque - bigger the better!

This year for the Christmas holiday, I've tried to create some of my decor with a two yard piece of holly fabric I've been saving to use around the holidays. Check out a few my crafts below.

Fabric Moon Hanging

This craft was definitely a "go for it and hope for the best" craft. I had a vision in my head, but didn't know if it would actually look good when I was done with it. Overall I like how it turned out - it's simple but interesting. It was pretty easy to make - all you need is cardboard, modge podge, fabric, hot glue, and a wire hanger.

I started with tracing a 12" plate on cardboard, then cut out all the moon shapes based on the plate. I freehanded a bit of the crescent moons; you can see their asymmetry. I used the cardboard shapes and traced them on the fabric and cut the fabric out. Next, I put a layer of modge podge on the cardboard and stuck the fabric to it. The last step was to cut the wire hanger into 3" pieces and hot glue them to the back of the cardboard - I spaced them out about 1.5" apart. I think hanging some ornaments might give this moon hanging some sparkle!

Holiday Pillow Cover

I received this idea from Lizzie at Donuts + Downdog (have you signed up for her newsletter? I highly recommend! ) and absolutely love it. It was a tradition of her mom's to sew festive pillow covers, and I love it because you can use them over and over every year. The tutorial I used is below - I sewed an envelope cover that easily fit around my only decorative pillow I own  (my friend Jaclyn made for me for my birthday years ago). If you have a sewing machine, this tutorial is easy and took me about 5 minutes to make. Alternatively, you can sew by hand but will take a bit longer. 


Twinkly Light Ties 

This decoration is not for everyone, but if you like that shabby chic/ homemade country vibe, you can use the fabric scraps to tie around your twinkly lights to give them an extra festive touch! It's a great way to make the most out of your fabric scraps. You can also turn your scraps into tassles featured in this tutorial. Or use them as tag ties on your presents! If your fabric scraps are cotton, you can also compost them. Make sure to cut them into strips and layer in worm compost, or toss in community bin. 


 Holiday Banner

This idea was sent to me by a mutual friend over Instagram, and it's such a genius and simple piece to make but really makes an impact! It was so easy, seriously. It would be cool to have multiple holiday fabric patterns to make a few festive banners! And something that will last a long time. I wanted to find the perfect piece a driftwood to hang it from, but my wire hanger will have to do instead for now :) 

Share your sustainable decor ideas with me below! 


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