Ways to Use a Bandana pt. 2

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We're back with pt. 2 of our 'Ways to use a Bandana' blog series! This time it's all about summer. We're always amazed by how many practical ways you can use a bandana; from minimizing your plastic use to maximizing your style & sustainability,  it just makes sense to carry one wherever you go this summer! Read on to discover 12 more ways you can use that hankie. 

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1. As a sandwich wrap
This is one of my favorite ways to use a bandana – as a sandwich wrap! It’s perfect for any shape of sandwich, and it also doubles as a placemat/napkin. (shown - 18" bandana) 


2. Bun tie
Using a bandana (or bandana tie!) wrapped around your bun is a creative way to secure a bun in place and upgrade your 'do easily. (shown - bandana tie, coming soon!)

3. Home decor
You can use bandanas to decorate all around your house. I like to tie them around vases, mugs, lights, dogs, you name it. If you have a few, you can even turn them into a colorful garland. (shown - 18" bandana)

4. Koozie
Keep those beverages cold or warm with a bandana! I usually tie one around a bottle to keep it cold or use a rubber band to secure it around a hot mug. (shown - 18" bandana) 

5. For kids' dress up
As a kid I did A LOT of dress up (still love it as a grown up). Bandanas are an inexpensive way to let your kiddo get creative. My brother and I are totally rockin' my dad's bandanas below - I think we were going for a space pirate look? (shown - 20" bandanas)

6. Car seat cover on a hot day
Bandanas are a great tool to have in the car. If you have leather or vinyl interior, you can put it down on a hot seat to keep those buns from burning. They also work well warming your hands while scraping ice off your car in the winter, but let's not think about that yet. (shown - 18" x 20" bandana)


7. As a lid to champagne/popper buddy
I used to fear popping champagne bottles because I thought it might shoot my eye out, Red Ryder BB gun-style. But a great tip if anyone is nervous like me is to drape a bandana over the lid and twist off! It also makes an excellent champagne topper if you have a rubber band or hair tie. We took our champagne on a bumpy golf cart ride and the bandana helped with minimal spillage. (shown - 20" bandana) 

Eagle golf club cover and champagne snuggle

8. Travel soap wrapper
I used to hoard empty tin containers in hopes of finding the right size to hold my soap when I travel. But a bandana works great as an alternative and will cover any size soap! It also helps to dry the soap and keep it dry. (shown - 18" x 20" bandana)



9. Ice cream holder
Okay, this is my favorite way to use a bandana :) When getting ice cream (which is frequently), we now choose to get it in a cone because it’s the more sustainable (and more delicious) option. This tends to end in ice cream drips if you aren’t fast enough! Luckily if you carry a bandana in your pocket, you can forego the napkin and use your handkerchief as an ice cream holder instead! (shown - 20" bandana) 

10. Food cover
This method is perfect for any summertime plans involving eating outdoors. Use a bandana to lightly cover any dish - it helps to keep the bugs off! (shown - 18" x 20" bandana) 



11. Oyster shucking buddy
When summer is here, we tend to indulge every now and then with some fresh oysters. Bandanas are a perfect tool to get a good grasp while shucking your own oysters. Just make sure to wash them after! (shown - 18" bandana) 



12. Flower wrap 
Instead of wrapping your flowers in plastic or paper, a bandana is a good way to gift flowers or carry them home. It looks really nice and of course, works as a gift within a gift. (shown - 20" bandana) 


How do you plan on using your bandana this summer? Share in the comments below! 

Thank you for reading pt 2 of our bandana series. Look for pt 3: Ways to Use a Bandana soon! Missed pt 1? Click here 


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