Kindness & Self Love Advent Calendar

Posted by Elise Antonio on

Okay, I'm a little late to the game and didn't have time to make a physical advent calendar, so I made a digital one instead! This advent calendar is focused on kindness and self-love. Each week has a theme (joy, laughter, giving, cheer, love, and celebrating) and each Sunday is focused on some self love & care! Some of these may be a wee bit corny, but that's the point! Let's try to not take ourselves too seriously and put our whole heart into the daily acts. 

If you'd like to complete these with me, please download the link below to have your own preserve advent calendar and share your daily acts with me on Instagram / Facebook at @thepreserveshop. I'll be doing a story every day to show you how I completed my acts :) Feel free to go at your own pace, mix up the days or make up your own kindness or self-love act! 



Sending so much love!!!



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